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Sometimes My Husband Is An Eyeore

We like to spend summer weekends at the lake. If I had a dollar for every boat ride (or bike ride) that we DID NOT GO ON because there was “potential weather coming”--I’d be rich!

“Looks like rain!”--says Jonathan, I mean Eeyore!

Jonathan is an Enneagram 5.

They are known for investigating and information gathering, which includes looking at the radar!

Jonathan gathers knowledge so he doesn’t get caught in a situation! He’s the safety guy, the analyzer. He is watching out for me and the kids to keep us safe, to LOVE ON US...not to ruin our fun.

Once I learned that this was his “5” talking...and not just a way for him to drive me crazy, everything was better in our relationship. I look at his weather watching with a different perspective!

When I ask Jonathan’s advice on something, he ponders it deeply and then says: “I have 4 thoughts on this…” I roll my eyes (lovingly) and get settled in for his bullet-point way of talking! He’s so organized in his thoughts, which I can not relate to. Again, very 5 of him!

Jonathan’s friends at work are not automatically his Facebook friends! GO FIGURE!! How is that possible-- this 3 wants everyone to be her friend, ha! Nope, he’s private like that and sometimes he has “enough friends” because he values downtime so deeply and 5’s have a limited capacity for interaction with other people!

And if I want to go out on the weekend, he’d like to know about it on Monday! Spontaneity is not appealing or his jam. My varying calendar drives him nuts! (So now that I know that, I get to clean up my calendar to create peace and unity in our life!)

The bottom line, UNDERSTANDING, knowing and living the Enneagram has helped many relationships, especially my marriage. It keeps us laughing and loving each other and not judging each other!

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