The power of a text from a friend!

Hello lovelies,

I am writing to you this week from Arizona. My mom is in the hospital. I was grateful that I already had a trip planned to visit AND I am able to stay here to partner with my dad to care for her.

While health and hospital stays are stressful, I wanted to share a couple of bright spots that demonstrate the power of the pack!

First, we were looking for products and home services in an area where I don’t live, this process was eased by the help of women in the Phoenix area that I have met (some only online and never in person) at leadership conferences over the past few years. With just one text these women flew into action looking for equipment and found us everything we needed with ease and grace. Whew, relief. We felt loved and cared for. The power of the pack!

Also, I received unique, personalized, heartfelt and meaningful texts of support and prayers from several clients, my friends and other family. I could read them, re-read them, share them bedside with my mom and fall asleep reading them again myself.

Friends and family really are our angels on earth! We are never alone.

“Everything depends on how we love each other.” — Mother Teresa

Do you have a committed, loving community around you?

Who are you “doing life with”?

Ready to refresh your list of who you spend the most time with?

Who’s got your back?

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You are who your friends are!!



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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

Beth is a warm, energetic, loving woman with connection as her highest value. Life does not always go as planned yet Beth has a depth of resilient experience and an incurable passion for joy and shares it generously. She motivates and inspires others to bounce forward in their life or business and energize their dreams.

As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth leads inspiring workshops, keynote speak and creates raw, real and authentic private and small group coaching programs. Beth will aid others in personal and professional growth through retreats and online/ virtual gatherings to ignite your life. Working together, this coach will spark you to navigate inevitable change that comes with living your life FULL OUT!