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I'm on the road!

I’m popping in from Burlington, Wisconsin. I’m spending 3 days with leaders that I uber admire for how they live their lives. I wanna grow up and be like them!! AND I know that who I hang around matters.

Who do you spend the most time with? Do they inspire you? Drive you to be better? Drag you down? Teach you?

John C. Maxwell always says there’s 2 kinds of people in the world: lifters or leaners. People either lift you up or lean on you and weigh you down. Those around you either add to your life (improve it!) or subtract from it. If people add no value (lean) or hold you down, move them out of your inner circle. Add lifters to your life especially in areas that you want to grow!

What kind of a friend are you?

What kind of people do you hang with? Take an honest assessment of yourself and your peeps.

OK, here’s my ah-ha’s from day 1 as I always want to be a river, not a reservoir and let my learning flow through me to you!

  • Stay in your lane. One is a chef so she made the menu. I made the grocery list and ordered groceries to be delivered before we arrived. The others will do the cooking and cleaning. Win-win-win-win.
  • We planned one piece of our fun, the rest is organic. We get to demonstrate at our retreat WHO WE BE in the world, in an outrageous way to each other. A great, meaningful retreat doesn’t just happen, you have to weave it!
  • Self-talk is important when vacationing with 5 other powerful women! Years ago I used to dim my light when I was around other shiny people. I reminded myself that I have gifts and talents and have everything I need ALREADY! I will be me 100%!
  • I am reminded to continue to surrender, trust and allow...

Here we are on our first night on the pier!



P.S. I am so excited for fall! I have an announcement coming soon for a way for us to connect and have fun!

Beth Montpas, Life Coach

Beth is a warm, energetic, loving woman with connection as her highest value. Life does not always go as planned yet Beth has a depth of resilient experience and an incurable passion for joy and shares it generously. She motivates and inspires others to bounce forward in their life or business and energize their dreams.

As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth leads inspiring workshops, keynote speak and creates raw, real and authentic private and small group coaching programs. Beth will aid others in personal and professional growth through retreats and online/ virtual gatherings to ignite your life. Working together, this coach will spark you to navigate inevitable change that comes with living your life FULL OUT!