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My summer ah-ha!

hiiiii, happy summer:

I’ve gotten on the floor onto my yoga mat 17 days in a row! I’m stinkin’ proud of myself.

I feel immense self-respect when I choose myself and do what I say I’m going to do. Doing what aligns with my values, dang it feels good, friends.

And I haven’t had a bunch of rules around how long, what, where, when I do yoga. I simply declared one morning I will do 30 consecutive days of yoga/stretching.

What’s funny is that on Day 2 of my challenge I left on a business trip so I did yoga on my hotel bed (who wants to touch the carpet!! Not me!) and I was so impressed with myself for keeping my word even when I was traveling that I felt proud and amazed by myself. Pat myself on the back! Go Beth.

Side note: we do not acknowledge ourselves enough in this lifetime!!

These yoga practices are in 100% alignment with who I am because I’ve declared my physical health as my #1 goal for 2021 but it’s bigger than that!! Spending time EVERY DAY getting on my mat was CHOOSING ME! It was time for myself. Not always working, doing stuff around the house, whittling away at our to-do list, it was simply caring time for self. It was living and giving time to MY PRIORITIES.

And I really adore the language that yoga guides use. “Keep your right foot bright!” “Give yourself a little foot massage.” You guys….I have never treated myself like this. I don’t give my feet attention aside from the occasional pedicure but to spend a few moments massaging my own feet? This is a breakthrough for me because it’s giving so much attention to myself.

And it feels goooooood.

This is an act of self-love for my body.

  • What are you doing for yourself this summer?
  • Where could you use a little love on your body
  • Are you priorities reflected in your activities on your calendar?
  • Are you choosing yourself (Not in a selfish way, but in a loving, nurturing, you're worth it, way!)
  • What can you acknowledge yourself for today?

Up until NOW, my values and priorities did not match my calendar. This summer I am getting that straightened out!

How is your summer going?

Be gentle, forgiving and yet rigorous with yourself,



P.S. I’m on vacation July 1-5 whooping it up with my family because when we canceled Christmas travels due to the pandemic with all the kids and my parents I painted a vision of CHRISTMAS IN JULY! So that is what we’re doing!!

Beth Montpas, Life Coach

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