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Looking back to look ahead...

Happy Wednesday Tribe!

I am so damn fortunate to have leaders surrounding me that I mastermind with daily! 

One of those beautiful, indispensable groups in my life and biz call ourselves, The Power of Three. We recently set aside a day to “zoom” retreat together.

Our agenda was to look back on January, February and March and get all the takeaways, the delicious or sometimes hard to swallow lessons. What did we love, what did we not love, what did we learn.

Then we looked at the goals we had set (remember that YEAR IN GEAR workshop that I offered in December and again in March? I of course do the work right alongside my clients) and we reviewed what goals we hit and which goals were big fat goose-eggs.

THEN, here’s the juicy part...we put the music on and blared inspiring tunes to channel the lives and businesses that we want to create!!! It was freaking magical.

We wrote exactly what we want MORE OF in our life (and biz) and what we want to get the heck rid of! I mean, it was startling to see how when you least suspect it that things creep on your calendar that are so “not me” how did I even get here!? But we lovingly, and with compassion made a list of No, Thank You, I’m leaving that board of directors, that meeting, that social group and even more importantly, created a list of “This is where I’m going…” for life and biz.

Personally, my lists always center around these 3 things:


Spirituality (who I BE!)


When those three things are in alignment, most everything else in my life falls into place.

Have you taken some time to THINK INTO YOUR LIFE? Or are you just hoping it starts working for ya?? 

I’m offering some free coaching calls if you want someone to think alongside! Hit reply or hop on my calendar: Click here to set up your appointment today.



P.S. Are you on Clubhouse? It’s currently only for iPhone users. I’m considering starting a room and would love to hear what YOU love about Clubhouse...

Beth Montpas, Life Coach

Beth is a warm, energetic, loving woman with connection as her highest value. Life does not always go as planned yet Beth has a depth of resilient experience and an incurable passion for joy and shares it generously. She motivates and inspires others to bounce forward in their life or business and energize their dreams.

As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth leads inspiring workshops, keynote speak and creates raw, real and authentic private and small group coaching programs. Beth will aid others in personal and professional growth through retreats and online/ virtual gatherings to ignite your life. Working together, this coach will spark you to navigate inevitable change that comes with living your life FULL OUT!