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Let’s organize our distractions

Good Morning my beautiful Tribe,

It’s still the beginning of 2021. What planner are you loving?

I love Passion Planner. I also love a blank notebook beside me to create my daily to do list and my priorities!

I also decided to start my day with creating my own miracle morning routine. I get up about 30-min earlier than usual (ok, we’ve been sleeping later in the pandemic and now that Jonathan is heading back to the office next week---he’s so excited to have a change of scenery!--that means we go to bed earlier and rise earlier.)

I’ve been struggling with creating an intentional morning for years. I mean years. Just loathing myself because I’m not a morning person. So at the end of December, my 20-year old son and I watched The Miracle Morning documentary on Amazon Prime. It was the best $3.98 rental as it fired me up for really doing this and seeing the benefits!

I also read the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod if this is getting you fired up too.

I created a special space (like a thinking corner) JUST for my miracle morning, meaning I don’t do anything else there except my silence/meditation, affirmations, visualization, stretching, reading and writing. I have all the THINGS there to support me (my journals, my fav pens, my vision boards, my book I’m reading, etc.)

I’m loving OWNING THE DAY!!

I’m GIVING TO MYSELF---making myself a priority in my day. It feels so gooooood. And it has really changed the way I see myself. I feel grounded. Have a deeper sense of “knowing” (my word of the year is KNOW!) and it feels good to nourish myself.

What’s your experience with a morning routine? Who wants to create a morning routine with me?

Have a great week!



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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

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