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Just let it happen....

Hi Tribe,

A moment a few weeks ago that I’ll never forget.

My 18-year old son listened to a conversation between my husband and I about my hubby's new hobby taking over our lower level family room, my son grabs my arm and right before I said something stupid about it taking up too much space, he says:

Let it happen, mom.

During 2020 and the pandemic, my husband cleaned out our basement, found his childhood toy train and in honor of his dad being a 4th gen railroad guy took over half our basement with building train tracks and model trains! (It’s freaking amazing and huuuuuge!)

I love that my son saved me from myself!

I was about to get mouthy and sarcastic with my eyes bulging out of my head, making a comment about this new hobby when in reality...this guy has put up with a lot. A lot of shenanigans. And he never says a word!

This “roll with it”, “let it happen”, “let it go'' philosophy has continued to play out over and over again in my life ever since my son said it. I now say it to myself often. "Beth...let it happen." as I release my controlling ways.

Our children are our best teachers.

  • What do you get to relax about?
  • Are you creating resistance in your life where it doesn't need to be?
  • How is criticism stealing yours/others joy?
  • What are you trying to control (when it's not a controllable of yours)?

I realized I’ve been causing my own problems recently!

Let it happen.

Let go, let God.


What comes up for you when I share this story? Anything in your own day to day living?

Sharing my life with you, friend...together we're better.



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