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Get this trauma out of my body!

It was Sunday afternoon, my dog Cooper and I were out walking at the lake and out of nowhere came bounding the neighbor’s huge Dalmatian. He attacked us, biting Coop and as I picked up my little Bichon to save him we both got bloody and traumatized! With my height disadvantage, even if I held Cooper up high in my arms that Dalmatian standing on his hind legs could still bite Cooper. All I could do was scream, "Help me!" Till neighbors came running. It was a harrowing few moments.

We are fine. With a little triple antibiotic ointment Cooper healed, we have no scars, and I was not bit. But the stressssssssss of the situation was in my body for days.

The rest of that day it felt like I couldn't breathe. Or fully exhale.

My body was on high alert!

I could feel it in my chest and inside my body, the trauma.

I was sharing the incident with my brilliant friend and fellow coach, Corrina, and she gave me a tool to release that trauma from my body. I wanted to share it with you because I think sometimes incidents like this get poo-pooed, overlooked and we miss this step. Instead we drink a glass of wine or numb out in different ways. It became clear to me how addition could get created.

To get trauma out of your body: Play what happened frame by frame in your mind. Then play the frames in reverse order (that was actually hard for me!! ha). Then scramble the frames: play frame 1, frame 7, frame 4, frame 3, etc. You are reprogramming your brain!


Deep breathe and repeat daily till the trauma is out of your body.

Will you try it?

I also did yoga and as I held a pose I just sobbed as I released more. By day 3 or 4 I felt the majority of the trauma GONE!

I hope this was helpful as I know most have received trauma in their life. I shutter at how much trauma has likely NOT been removed from our bodies and left there to rack havoc on our futures!

Let me know if this supported. I love you and care about your life.



P.S. oh yeah, the neighbors called to check on us and promised to keep the Dalmatians on leashes!

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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

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