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Could you do this for 20 years?

Some of you don’t know that I’ve had the same (brilliant, loving, kind, supportive) assistant for nearly 20 years! We’ve grown our kids and grew several businesses together.

She is a gem. ❤️️

And, she’s Enneagram 6. She’s a loyalist, and I love that she is my steady eddy. She grounds me. She’s a hard worker and is always after me to complete things and fill in the details. Did I mention she’s loyal to me and my mission?

I KNOW that I must drive her crazy because I do not give our projects a lot of forethought. I fly by the seat of my pants and through BOTH of our study of the Enneagram we’ve got an accepting and open relationship because we know each other’s style!

We (3 and 6’s) are both hard workers, practical and have a whole gob of mutual respect for the other. Being aware of our types, keeps us communicating and discovering each other’s best qualities!

If you missed the Enneagram workshop yesterday….here’s the recording! What’s your number?

Now that I have these tools, I want to know everyone in my life that I’m close to’s number. I want them to take the free assessment as it gives me so much insight into THEM and our relationship! Hit reply if you want to link to the free assessment!

I’m excited to play in an Enneagram community kicking off NOW, if you want to join me--watch the replay of the workshop and JOIN IN!



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