I can’t make this sh!t up!

I’m going to just cut right to it. If you’re a mama of an emerging adult, this one’s for you.

Two of my kids just dropped out of college. Boom. 🤯

I went from crying to content within a day and here’s how:

They were miserable, not learning, going through the motions, feeling like frauds and failures. Hands-on guys, dealing with worksheets, and video conferencing. And they decided to powerfully step out of their college experience. They knew what was working and what wasn’t working. After shedding initial tears, I’m really proud of them. Because the reality is….I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to do it!!!

At their age, I’m not sure I would’ve gone against cultural norms. Against what my parents wanted me to do. Go against what is EXPECTED of them. When I was their age, I would have trudged along and people pleased at my own expense.

Do we all know someone who completed all those years of law school only to realize they don’t want to be a lawyer? I am pretty sure that I would’ve just kept going through the motions because “it was expected of me” instead of really listening to myself. And then taking action.

Side note before you think I’ve lost my mind: This may not be the best decision for them, that’s not what I’m saying. TIME WILL TELL! What I’m saying is that after I cried for a few hours, I spent the better part of one whole day getting coaching from my mentors, this is where I’ve shifted to:

I acknowledge them for being willing to say it out loud to me that this is what they wanted. It’s their life. I had to get over my own definition that quitting was bad! Maybe powerfully stepping out of college is the best decision they’ve ever made. Stopping college doesn’t make them wrong or bad.

And for the trillionth time: this is their journey. Not mine.

I’m letting go, letting God. And my word of the year has become SURRENDER!

Stay tuned. This story isn’t over yet!

Breathe mommas, we get to BREATHE.



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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

Beth is a warm, energetic, loving woman with connection as her highest value. Life does not always go as planned yet Beth has a depth of resilient experience and an incurable passion for joy and shares it generously. She motivates and inspires others to bounce forward in their life or business and energize their dreams.

As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth leads inspiring workshops, keynote speak and creates raw, real and authentic private and small group coaching programs. Beth will aid others in personal and professional growth through retreats and online/ virtual gatherings to ignite your life. Working together, this coach will spark you to navigate inevitable change that comes with living your life FULL OUT!