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What I asked for Christmas one year...

Hello Tribe,

One year, many years ago my then-husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I remember vividly my answer: to make more beds.

I was so tired of being the full-time working mom that all I dreamed about was to be a mommy more. To not have teams to lead and money to make, but to channel my momminess.

Seems that I have been “battling” this inner desire for 20+ years because recently I have been fantasizing about “taking the summer off”.

Anyone else find their value or self-worth in their work?

Are you trying to PROVE YOURSELF? (I wonder if you’re trying to prove it to others or actually to yourself…)

I am so sick of wishing this wish as there is nothing (but me) standing in my way of creating it.

I am tired of just talking about it. And I’m about to do something about it.

Last week I made a list of all my HELL YESES!! And made a brand new fresh list of my no’s. It was exhilarating. It is life-giving. It is fun. And it is also a wee bit scary.

I am fearful that my now-husband will roll his eyes at me and say, Yeah I’ve heard THAT before! And to be honest, he has heard me say I want to do something about how I spend my time but I have never felt such conviction and massive empowerment than I do today.

I’ve spent the last few months getting my health going in the right direction (hello size 10/12) and since January I’ve been mastering my morning routines to luxuriate on myself more instead of hopping right into work, emails or serving and answering others. 

It’s not been perfect, but it’s a pretty good rough draft. And now I’m going to KEEP GOING!

Does this resonate with anyone else? After this past year, I am guessing I'm not the only person re-evaluating their priorities!

We get to create the life we want. And to stop wishing for it or talking about it, CREATE IT. Take action on it. 

Let me know if this resonates.



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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

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