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All there is, is LOVE! ❤️️

Hello lovely ladies (and maybe a couple awesome men),

Is it easy for you to say I love you? I remember going on a vacation with the company I represented years ago with a bold, loving, wise and fun couple that role modeled ending every call home to their kids with, “Love you!”

I was thinking to myself. I DO love my kids. But I do not end my phone calls that way. I complimented my friends Mary and Howard on their intimate, playful, loving response and they SIMPLY replied: Well, just start SAYING IT! Just start ending your next call with “Love you!”

I’m happy to report that that was in 2007. And I haven’t stopped!

13 years later every one of my kids proudly ends our calls that way regardless of where they are or what they’re doing! Now I hear funny stories of my kids ending a call to one of their teachers or a work call by accidentally spouting back with “LOVE YOU” as they hung up! 😂😂😂

This is a tiny thing that has paid HUGE dividends. Now my emerging adult kids (ages 18, 20, 20 and 24) call me and share their life, include me in their decisions, share the highs and the lows, and probably more important than anything: they say it/feel it/live it TO EACH OTHER!! (ah…I acknowledge all the parents out there. We did something right! Let’s celebrate.)

Life is actually REALLY SIMPLE!

All we need is LOVE!

Sending love,



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Beth Montpas, Life Coach

Beth is a warm, energetic, loving woman with connection as her highest value. Life does not always go as planned yet Beth has a depth of resilient experience and an incurable passion for joy and shares it generously. She motivates and inspires others to bounce forward in their life or business and energize their dreams.

As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth leads inspiring workshops, keynote speak and creates raw, real and authentic private and small group coaching programs. Beth will aid others in personal and professional growth through retreats and online/ virtual gatherings to ignite your life. Working together, this coach will spark you to navigate inevitable change that comes with living your life FULL OUT!